Baltimore Orioles: #RIPFlanny

Baltimore Orioles fans won’t ever forget this day from 2011. It was August 24, 2011 that former Oriole great turned broadcaster, Mike Flanagan, passed away. I swore to myself on that day that so long as I penned a version of this column, I’d commemorate Flanagan’s death.

One year later in 2012, the Orioles were in the midst of a season much like they’re having here in 2022. They came out of nowhere, had a magical season, and thrust their way into the playoffs, and into the hearts and minds of a new generation of fans. For much of that season I remember thinking how proud Mike Flanagan would have been to have seen that.

And the same is still true. This franchise has truly risen from the ashes in a sense – the ashes of 2018-2021. And it’s happened much quicker than anyone would have otherwise thought. But again, my thoughts go back to Flanagan – especially on this day. He loved this franchise. He loved being an Oriole, and he loved Baltimore. He would have loved to have seen the rebirth of the franchise that’s occurring now.

However as Billy Joel sings in TWO THOUSAND YEARS, “time is relentless.” Death is a natural part of life. And nature dictates that Mike Flanagan isn’t here any longer. But we can never forget him, or the imprint that he left on the fans and the city. He’ll never be forgotten – not by a long shot. 11 years later, rest in peace, Mike Flanagan.

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