Baltimore Orioles: Jorge Lopez reps the Birds well in the ASG

The Baltimore Orioles’ lone all-star representative, Jorge Lopez did the Birds proud in the game last night. The American League won the game, 3-2, thanks to homers by Giancarlo Stanton and Byron Buxton. But Jorge Lopez’s name appeared in the box score as well.

Lopez entered the game with one out in the last of the seventh at Chavez Ravine. And he closed out the inning inducing two groundouts – one by Kyle Schwarber and one by Jake Croneworth. Lopez was credited with a hold.

End of the day, I’m happy that Lopez got in the game. The all-star game is meant to be a fun exhibition for the fans. And I’ve always believed that while it should look as much like a regular game as possible, every fan at least has the right to see someone from their team playing in the game. Needless to say, nice showing by Jorge Lopez last night!

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