Baltimore Orioles: Now, we pause

The Baltimore Orioles were one of the hottest teams in baseball down the stretch in the first half. Despite losing to Tampa, that continued yesterday when they drafted SS Jackson Holliday first overall in MLB’s first-year players draft. Needless to say, he was drafted into an organization that’s most definitely on the rise.

After yesterday’s loss to Tampa, the Orioles dispersed. At least one guy, however, does still have to work this week. That being closer Jorge Lopez, the Birds’ lone all-star representative. My personal opinion is that they should have had more than one guy chosen, but I digress.

I’m always interested to see how teams reshuffle things coming out of the break. The O’s take on the NYY at Camden Yards Friday night, the first game back from the break. It’s a unique opportunity for a team to reset their starting rotation. So if you’re Brandon Hyde, choose well!

And with THAT, I’m off to Ocean City until Friday – I’ll be on “Holliday.” Enjoy your all-star break, all!

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