Baltimore Orioles: My absence

For the record, I’ve been following the Baltimore Orioles. Both in spring training and in the regular season. But I haven’t been covering them. This as I’m dealing with some health issues.

For the record, I miss covering the team. But between having my energy zapped, doctor’s appointments, etc, sometimes I don’t see or hear every game. But I’m getting stronger, and closer to returning to this column.

I went to the hospital a few weeks ago with an infection in my foot. It turned out I’m also a diabetic. Two hospital stays and a foot surgery later, I’m recovering. And as I said, getting stronger each day. Here’s a PSA folks: take care of yourself. I didn’t, and it almost cost me my leg, or worse. Let’s say it’s been a huge wake up call. I feel that I’m being given a second chance at life.

For the record, I’m somewhat encouraged from an Orioles’ perspective after two games. Both losses, yes. But overall the pitching has been decent. And the bullpen looks solid thus far. That’s a good sign. Unfortunately they’ve had to start off against Tampa’s pitching. But again, there’s been a lot in these games about which to be encouraged.

I’ll be back eventually. Sooner rather than later. I just want to gather my strength, and then I’ll be back and better than ever!


  1. Pierre booth says:

    Hey dom i guess you are placed on the injured list all jokes aside get well soon and may god bless you


    1. Thank you very much!


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