Baltimore Orioles: Welcome to 2022, Birdland!

2022 is now “this year” for the Baltimore Orioles. Happy New Year, Birdland! We made it!

In my case, I kind of struggled across the finish line. Here I am, minding my own business, and then a week before Christmas I tested positive for COVID-19. From my standpoint it was a bad cold. And I started feeling progressively better after about 24-36 hours of being miserable. But I did the FaceTime Christmas with my family during my isolation – so our “formal” Christmas gathering is today. On New Year’s Day.

So add COVID survivor to my litany of titles! Nevertheless, here we are, with “this year” being 2022. But is it really?

Major League Baseball remains in a lockout. That means until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached, the owners aren’t allowing the players to play. And the real victims of this are the fans.

Nothing happens until that’s fixed. At what point does Spring Training become at risk? Or even the regular season. My recommendation to both sides would be to get this wrapped up – and quick. Because missing even one spring game could do irreparable harm to the game. You’ll have fans who won’t come back.

Today’s a holiday; so it’s not getting fixed today. But they need to get it worked out. Because if fans suffer, so will the game. And that’s a huge problem.

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