Baltimore Orioles: So what now?

Today is the first day of the 2021-22 off season for the Baltimore Orioles. It’s kind of amazing if you think about it; seems like yesterday we were excited about five thousand fans at Fenway Park on Opening Day with John Means pitching. Last year was by far the strangest season ever, but this season had it’s peculiarities also. Teams having to limit attendance was odd for sure.

So what comes next for the Orioles? The answer is, “nothing much.” Teams not involved in the postseason generally lay very low during October. And speaking for myself, I’m almost thankful for that. The MLB postseason is so compelling, and so fun to watch. Especially the Wild Card games, which this year feature New York and Boston on the American League side. You can just add this to the litany of moments between those two in the playoffs.

Speaking for myself, I stand firmly behind Dodger Blue in this postseason. They’ll of course take on the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Wild Card game on Wednesday night. Should be fun.

But back to the Orioles; certainly they’ll do some internal things, such as evaluate their coaching staff here and there. Perhaps even some player evaluations. Speaking of players, they’ll be taking their “exit physicals” this week as they all disperse for the off season. But don’t expect anything big to be announced regarding anything until after the World Series. That’s just how things work!

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