Baltimore Orioles to visit the Cleveland Guardians starting in 2022

The Baltimore Orioles had some really solid games against the Cleveland Indians in the mid-1990’s. Both cities had great rosters, similar makeup’s, and even similar fan bases. This because the cities themselves were very similar – blue collar, old school, traditional, etc. Plus a lot of players have gone back and forth between the two teams.

In December Cleveland announced that in 2022 they were going to retire the Indians name and pick a new one. That process apparently came to an end today when the team announced that effective at the end of this season the franchise will be known as the “Cleveland Guardians.” You can visit to see the new logo’s, and a video announcing the new name, narrated by Tom Hanks.

My personal opinion was that the Indians name didn’t need to be changed. This is literally one of the most storied franchises in baseball. But if they decided to change the name, I think Guardians is as good a name as any. I like the fact that they kept the team’s red and navy blue color scheme, and it seems like they put a lot of thought into what the new name would be, and how it reflected the city. Apparently there are statues of “guardians” on a bridge right outside of Progressive Field, which was the inspiration behind the name.

It’ll take awhile to get used to the Cleveland Guardians as opposed to the Cleveland Indians (or just “the Tribe”). But the Orioles will play this new/old team starting next season. I recall noting in the series finale with Cleveland at Camden Yards earlier this year that it would be the last time the Cleveland Indians played in Baltimore.

The O’s open up a homestand tonight with the second infusion of the Battle of the Beltways, as the Washington Nationals come to town. Jorge Lopez gets the start for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Washington’s Patrick Corbin. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

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