Baltimore Orioles: Camp breaks and north we go

With an 8-3 loss to Tampa this afternoon in Sarasota, the Baltimore Orioles break camp with a record of 10-17. That translates as a .377 win percentage, which translates to between 59-60 wins over 162 games played. That might be where the Orioles end up, and it might not be. Keep in mind that often these spring games are controlled scrimmages, and nothing more. But nevertheless, the Birds closed Grapefruit League play with a 10-17 record.

The Orioles’ starting rotation will be as follows (some of these names we already knew): John Means, Matt Harvey, Bruce Zimmerman, Jorge Lopez, and Dean Kremer. It’s also worth mentioning that we don’t know how the rotation will be used. In the past, Hyde’s shown a willingness to use starters as “openers,” or to pull them quickly if the situation warrants it. So whether or not all of these guys are going to be looking to go seven or eight innings in games is another story.

The Orioles will have an off day tomorrow, and a team workout on Wednesday, after which they’ll fly to Boston for Thursday’s Opening Day game at Fenway Park. That rotation will be tested early with three games at Fenway, and then three in New York against one of the best lineups in baseball. I suspect if they can head for home next week for the home opener with a .500 record, they’ll be satisfied.

Once the final roster is set, stay tuned for my 2021 season preview. depending on the timing it may well be on Thursday. Who knows – time will tell. But one way or the other, the regular season starts Thursday!


  1. Matt Vrabel says:

    Hey dom spring is here and our birds with there big beaks are flying north for the 2021 season to start lets hope mancini and others will be knocking that pastey white ball all around rhe ballparks


  2. Roy tipton says:

    Unlike matt i dont need to look past the tip of my nose i gotta good feeling about harvey this year and yes thats the truth the whole truth and nothing but the bald truth LETS GO O’S


    1. Roy, no need to “troll” your fellow posters.


  3. Matt Vrabel says:

    Thanks dom he is creepy he worries about everything i say but put this in the bank harvey will have the best record among orioles starters and yes even better than means you heard it here straight out of the big noses mouth


    1. Thanks for reading!


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