Baltimore Orioles: Felix Hernandez coming to the O’s

The Baltimore Orioles yesterday signed former Cy Young award winner Feliz Hernandez to a one-year minor league deal. Hernandez of course had many great seasons with the Seattle Mariners, earning him the nickname, King Felix. His last season was 2019, as he opted to sit out last season due to the pandemic.

This sounds like the Orioles signing washed up stars once again. However bear in mind that it’s a minor league deal. Very low risk to the organization. Hernandez will presumably have an opportunity to compete for a roster spot during spring training, and could well end up an innings eater, back-of-the-rotation type of guy on the 2021 Orioles.


  1. Steve Kats says:

    That’s great news. I’ve heard great things about him. I am so ready for ball season to start!!!! Go O’s!!!!


    1. Awesome! Thanks for reading!


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