Baltimore Orioles’ game canceled in Miami (updated)

The Baltimore Orioles are in Miami in anticipation of tonight’s game with the Marlins – which has apparently just been canceled. The Miami Marlins are actually still in Philadelphia, where they played this weekend. Over the course of the series, four Miami players tested positive for Covid-19.

There are multiple reports and stories out there, but some of them pin as many as 14 positive tests in the Miami clubhouse. What happens from here remains to be seen. As of now tomorrow’s game and the two-game set in Baltimore on Wednesday and Thursday are still on.

It’s possible that if enough taxi squad guys can make it to Miami by tomorrow and the rest of the team tests negative, perhaps they could play a doubleheader. Or maybe a doubleheader at Camden Yards later in the week with Miami acting as the home team in one of the games. Again, remains to be seen. All we know for now is that today’s game is canceled.

Incidentally the aforementioned scenario’s are only ideas out of my head. None of it was said with any sort of prior knowledge. But this is kind of a big moment for MLB, because something like this was bound to happen eventually. Hopefully we can move forward taking as many precautions as possible. This story will be updated if need be as more details about the schedule are made available, however in the interim please join me in sending prayers and good vibes to manager Don Mattingly and the entire Miami Marlins organization.

Update: The O’s are apparently going to be flying back to Baltimore this evening. So while nothing official yet, that would mean that tomorrow night’s game at the very least isn’t going to be played in Miami. With the Marlins in Philadelphia, they could easily bus down to Baltimore and play a doubleheader tomorrow at Camden Yards – obviously with Miami serving as the home team.

It’s unclear if that’s what’s happening, but it appears that the Orioles’ stay in South Florida is going to be cut short, needless to say. I suspect that an attempt to play the doubleheader at Oriole Park tomorrow will be made, and if worst comes to worst they’ll just postphone both games for now. More as we hear it.

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