Baltimore Orioles name Tommy Milone Opening Day starter

Prior to yesterday’s 6-4 exhibition loss in Washington, the Baltimore Orioles named Tommy Milone their Opening Day starter for Friday night in Boston. I see Milone as a curious choice, given that he didn’t see that much action in the spring. However it’s entirely possible that manager Brandon Hyde is almost seeing this as a spot start:

The bottom line with Tommy is that he’d just be getting one extra days of rest, so we keep everybody on regular rest. I didn’t want to bring anybody back short. In this kind of unusual space and time when we only had a short time to get these guys ready, they’ve done an amazing job of getting ready. We just didn’t want to take the chance of bringing back somebody on short rest, and we felt that Tommy was just one day away. So he’s going to have five days before his start. It just works out for us in that way.

Quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports

John Means of course was supposed to be the Opening Day starter. However arm fatigue is holding him back. I do think that Means will make a sizable contribution this year. It just won’t be as the Opening Day starter.

I’m sure that a lot of people didn’t have Tommy Milone making the start on Opening Day. But it’s about par for the course for 2020. How many of us had Opening Day occurring in July?!


  1. David Koresh says:

    I am so glad Baseball is starting soon but I fell we the followers should be able to attend the games. All we need to do is social distance and wear masks and everything should be fine. Lets Go O’s!!!! 2020 World Series Champions is my prediction. What you say Domenic?


    1. I might agree that if a strict mask policy were enforced along with social distancing, people could be admitted safely. But only a certain number. However that’s not the way that things are unfolding, so unfortunately it’s either follow on TV or radio. Thanks for reading!


  2. Jim Jones says:

    I agree guys, we should all be able to go to a game and drink a nice ice cold drink at the ball park and be able to watch a ball game. Hopefully at some point in a month or so we will be able to. Great Blog Domenic! I missed your writing and your blog over the last few months.


  3. Marshall Applewhite says:

    I am with you guys all the way. I’ve been dying for some Baseball and its finally gonna be here soon! Cheers!


  4. Have you heard anything else regarding mancinis colon cancer? Very very sad


    1. Just that he’s getting treatment.


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