Baltimore Orioles: MASN to air seven spring games

Baltimore Orioles’ fans are in luck if they want to get an early look at the team. As per usual, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) will be airing seven spring training games in 2020. Whatever your reason for tuning in, be it to see the regulars gearing up for the season or to see the future of the team, I suggest you tune in.

The seven games aired by MASN are as follows:

  • February 23rd vs. Boston (1 PM)
  • February 26th vs. Atlanta (1 PM)
  • March 2nd vs. Tampa (1 PM)
  • March 8th vs. NYY (1 PM)
  • March 12th vs. Toronto (1 PM)
  • March 20th vs. Boston (6 PM)
  • March 22nd vs. Philadelphia (1 PM)

That first game against Boston of course is the Orioles’ home opener in Sarasota. There might be other games that are aired on television in the sense of them being picked up by ESPN or MLB Network. But that remains to be seen. The Orioles presumably will also have a slate of games air on the radio, and we’ll report on that list as soon as we get it.

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