Baltimore Orioles: More comes out on Houston

As the Baltimore Orioles gather in Sarasota for their preliminary workouts, the baseball world’s eyes are once again on Houston. As time is going on, it appears that the cheating scandal is getting worse and worse. Yesterday we heard alleges of the cheating continuing past 2017, and that it went back well before that year as well.

As we know, Major League Baseball already handed down it’s punishments to Houston. But could there be more on the way? The players presumably were given immunity from punishment, and I believe that regardless of anything else the league should honor it’s commitment. (Legally they might have no choice.) But could this change things?

If in fact it turns out that the cheating continued past 2017, perhaps there’s some leeway. The league may well be able to hand down suspensions because in theory the players were only talking about 2017 in terms of the immunity. Maybe what happened after 2017 is still free game.

It sounds like a lot more people knew what was going on than we initially though. And the fact is that the league’s been under pressure by more and more fans to issue further discipline. Again, I don’f favor that per se. But if the scandal went further than previously though, I think that does make a difference.


  1. Tanner Boyle says:

    Houston is just getting a bad wrap for this all the teams do.


    1. Of course they’re getting a bad wrap. They cheated. They should get a bad wrap.


  2. Tanner Boyle says:

    All the teams cheat. I know from an inside source (a friend in the organization) that the O’s were doing the same thing a few years ago.


    1. Here’s the thing, chief. If you were all that, I’d know you. I started covering the O’s in 2009. But if you read me enough you’ll NEVER see me do what you just did. When I cite something or something someone said, I truly cite it. And I properly credit the source. Any fool running a cat house can say “I know from an inside source in the organization.” That’s gutless, and it shows that you’re nothing more than a slovenly charlatan.

      So having shot down that point, you’re accusing a team of cheating and there’s no evidence whatsoever that they ever did so. Classy.


  3. RedSkinz4Lyfe says:

    Wow, you really don’t take well to even remotely negative comments, do you? Maybe the internet just isn’t for you, pal.


    1. I don’t take kindly to mean-spirited comments that have no place anywhere. Leave a legitimate comment and you won’t get a snarky response. It’s really that simple, Scoop.


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