Baltimore Orioles: What makes for a good camp?

Pitchers and catchers are due to report for the Baltimore Orioles in Tuesday. That’s the day after tomorrow. Many players are already in camp and working out, but nevertheless Tuesday’s the report date.

What will make Spring Training 2020 a success? Well first off I’ll tell you what WON’T define it’s success or failure. That would be wins and losses. While you want to look crisp in games, the team’s spring record should be viewed as irrelevant. It’s more about how the team looks than it is the final score.

But what I just said above will decide the success or failure of this year’s camp. As I said, you want to look crisp in games. It’s more about training for the season and looking in mid-season form – for now. If the Orioles look and play the part, it’ll have been a good camp.

So as we progress from pitchers and catchers reporting, to full squad workouts, and into games, keep that in mind. If the presumed starters look great in a game that ends up being a loss because a minor league farmhand blew the lead late, that’s still a good day. Ultimately, you play like you practice. So practice as if it’s for real.

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