Baltimore Orioles’ GM Mike Elias will not be implicated in cheating scandal

Baltimore Orioles’ GM Mike Elias was a guest on Baltimore’s 105.7
“the fan” (WJZ-FM) earlier this week, and he spoke to Dan Connolly of The Athletic. In both interviews, the topic of the Houston Astros and the ongoing cheating scandal came up. Elias of course was the former Asst. GM in Houston. Elias on his role there:

But I have said, and I will say, that my role there was running the minor leagues, running the international scouting, running the draft. And I was very focused on it. I’ll leave it at that

Quote courtesy of Dan Connolly, The Athletic

In short, Elias is saying, it wasn’t me. However MLB’s investigation found similar things to what Elias is saying. Now he was also silent on whether he knew what was going on. Odds are he would be subject to the league’s discipline had he said he knew it was happening. And obviously did nothing.

However this should put some Orioles’ fans minds at ease. The league has bigger fish to fry than Mike Elias, and they aren’t going to hand him out to dry just because he’s now a GM and he was there in Houston at that time. Elias also said that the Orioles would be doing things the “right way,” so again fans should be at ease that the franchise isn’t doing something that could come up later on and be investigated.

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