Baltimore Orioles: Where does Chris Davis fit?

We heard a lot about Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles this off season. Some reports had him changing his workout regiment, and some had him keeping it the same. I would argue that he should change something up given his results the past few years.

But that aside, what are the Orioles’ plans for Davis in 2020? I’ll throw in the fact that there’s always the chance that he could be traded (including this year he has three seasons left on his contract). I think that’s really a long shot at best, but anything’s possible. He’s still a reliable glove at first base; if a team loses it’s first baseman to injury or something along those lines…as I said, anything’s possible.

But assuming he remains an Oriole, they have to have an idea of how they’re going to use him. Last year he didn’t play everyday, however needless to say he was still a “regular” player. Again, he’s a good defensive first baseman. That does mean something.

However the O’s would like to see more production at the plate. And keep in mind, if Davis does get hold of a pitch, it can still travel a long way. However I think at this point the Orioles would take him just hitting over the Mendoza Line. But it’ll be interesting to see how often he’s in the lineup during Spring Training, and at which position.


  1. Frankie Muniz says:

    The trash!!!!


  2. Frankie Muniz says:

    He’s a waste of payroll. Get some young players like Tampa did a few years ago and you might actually have a good season.


    1. First off, he’s still a very good defensive first baseman. If you watched games last year you know that he saved runs in the field on numerous occasions with his glove work.

      However (and I don’t know how often I’ve had to say this), they can’t just cut him. Because if they do they still have to pay his contract. Not only that, but in doing so he can go to any other team…and the Orioles STILL have to pay his contract. So the team could find themselves in a situation where they’re paying someone to play against them (depending on to which team he goes). THAT’S a waste of payroll.


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