Baltimore Orioles: Sort of an apology for cheating

The Baltimore Orioles and the rest of Major League Baseball finally got a apology for the cheating scandal from a player from the Houston Astros. Sort of…kind of. Pitcher Dallas Keuchel, now a member of the Chicago White Sox, stepped up and apologized for the actions of his former team. A pitcher. Consider that.

If anything the vibe from the current Astros has been that they’re getting unnecessary scorn. But it took a pitcher, someone who would have never benefited from his teammates’ cheating antics, to apologize. In reality, all Keuchel’s guilty of is not speaking up.

For the record, Astros’ owner Jim Crane has indicated that the franchise will be getting together during spring training and issuing a strongly-worded apology. But it should act as further embarrassment for this group that the only guy who’s had the decency to say anything about being sorry for what happened is a guy who never benefited from the situation. And at that, one who no longer is with the organization.

Meanwhile, the Astros tweeted out a few celebratory tweets touting their players’ accomplishments during the 2019 season. It’s shocking to me how tone deaf people can be. Baseball’s a game of humble men. That attitude spits in the very face of that, which is part of the reason why the league came down so hard on the Houston Astros.

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