Baltimore Orioles: Adley Rutschman get spring training invite

The Baltimore Orioles are giving their top prospect from last year’s draft, Adley Rutschman, an invite to big league spring training. That means that anyone who makes the trek down to Sarasota for Florida Grapefruit League games starting next month will potentially get a look at Rutschman.

Fans shouldn’t let this get their hopes up to see Rutschman in the big leagues this year. The Orioles would be foolish to bring Rutschman to the big leagues in 2020. It’s impossible that he’s ready for that. Seasoning a prospect does in fact take time.

But we will see him in major league games during the spring. I would expect him to be on travel rosters as the spring goes on, meaning he’ll be facing some big league pitching. I’d also expect to see him as a defensive replacement in home games at Ed Smith Stadium, giving the home fans a chance to see him play. Again however, don’t be shocked when he’s cut and goes down to minor league camp. This is just a chance for him to get his beak wet.

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