Baltimore Orioles to no show at arbitration this year

The Baltimore Orioles won’t be going to arbitration this year. At all. And that’s a good thing for everyone involved.

The Birds yesterday reached salary contract agreements with their remaining three arbitration-eligible players, Trey Mancini, Hanser Alberto, and Mychal Givens. Givens signed for $3.225 million, and Alberto for $1.65 million. Mancini’s number hasn’t yet been disclosed.

Again, the fact that no Orioles are being scheduled for arbitration is a good thing.. As I said yesterday, I think it’s one of the stupidest processes in sports. Now it just so happens that the Orioles are pretty good at it, having lost two cases in the era of Peter Angelos’ ownership. But it can cause ill feelings and it’s just not worth splitting hairs in my view.

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