Baltimore Orioles: More cheating

The Baltimore Orioles and the rest of Major Leauge Baseball now have a deeper cheating scandal with which to deal. The Houston situation is one we already knew. But apparently now the Boston Red Sox are in the mix as well.

Allegedly, the BoSox would utilize the instant replay room to steal signs and have them relayed to their players. Every team has a replay person, and every clubhouse has a “replay room.” The team’s replay person analyzes close plays and relays to the manager whether or not he should challenge the call on the field.

Again, allegedly team personnel would also be in the BoSox’s replay room using the monitors to see which pitches were coming. This is against all MLB rules. Both written and unwritten.

Here’s an interesting correlation. Alex Cora was the bench coach in Houston the year they were accused of cheating. He’s now the manager of the Boston Red Sox. That could certainly be a coincidence. But it would be a heck of one to accept.

MLB has moved slower on this issue than I would have liked. It seemed that all the signs pointed to Houston having committed the acts of cheating. Yet no discipline. One has to hope that it’s coming, and that an investigation is done into the Boston situation also. Both of these franchises also won World Series’ doing this. That shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

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