Baltimore Orioles: What does 2020 bring for the Birds?

Today is the first non-holiday day of 2020 for the Baltimore Orioles. And for the rest of the world. What will this year bring for the O’s?

For starters, I think that the Orioles will have to explore the pitchers out there on the free agent market. They need arms in spring training. Veteran arms to be precise. If they could find a veteran to anchor the starting rotation, that would go a long way towards a productive 2020 on the mound.

They also need to address their middle infield. With Villar having been dealt, the O’s are going to need someone to play short and second. Will that person come in free agency? Or from within the organization? That remains to be seen.

It’s worth mentioning that Mike Rosenbaum of recently named the Orioles’ farm system in the top five most improved in baseball. Last year they went from 22nd to 8th in terms of their farm system ranking according to Baseball America. There’s obviously no guarantee that translates to the big league level at some point. But it shows that the organization is going in the right direction. No matter how you spin it.

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