Baltimore Orioles: Should Trey Mancini go?

The Baltimore Orioles have made it clear that they’re still somewhat in sell mode. Maybe that’s the wrong way of putting it, however they’re willing to sell pieces off if they’ll net a return. This seems to bother a lot of fans, but that’s the tactic that the Orioles are taking.

Trey Mancini, is a guy who people wonder is possibly for sale. The question is whether or not the Orioles would trade him. And the answer to that is that I think they would. But that doesn’t mean they’re actively trying to unload Mancini.

I suspect that they’re willing to listen to offers – as they should be. But are they actively shopping Mancini, who’s a budding star for the Orioles? One would hope not. He’s the type of player that can congeal a clubhouse together, and one for whom people should pay admission to see play.

Again, hopefully they’re willing to listen to offers. But the deal should be that a team would have to blow the Orioles away in order to pry Mancini away from their grasp. This front office has proven that they’re unwilling to leave any stone unturned in order to make the organization better – in the future.

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