Baltimore Orioles: Should the Birds be more aggressive?

We know that the Baltimore Orioles are committed to building their organization from the bottom up. GM Mike Elias has made that clear every time he speaks on the topic. The Chicago White Sox are in a similar position in terms of rebuilding. But they’re taking a different approach.

The ChiSox yesterday signed starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel to a three year, $55.5 million contract. So what they’re doing is still rebuilding, but they’re employing just a little bit of star power along the way. Similarly last year you may remember that they were in on the Manny Machado sweepstakes.

Should the O’s consider doing something along these lines? The idea behind what the Orioles are doing now is that perhaps some of the young players grow into stars. However that’s something that could happen down the line. What about the here and now?

Personally I think that you have to keep your eye on the future. When you commit to rebuilding you have to do it all the way. That’s what the O’s are trying to do. Am I suggesting that putting money into a star player would be a waste of resources right now? Perhaps.

Keuchel won’t be bad for the ChiSox. He’s a guy who can go deep into games and will make their pitching staff better. He’s also a guy for whom people will pay the price of admission to see. None of these points makes them right and the Orioles wrong – or vice-versa. It’s just a different manner of doing things.

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