Baltimore Orioles: Is baseball over-legislated?

The Baltimore Orioles now play in an era with all kinds of new rules in baseball. This much we know. In fact, all sports are now at that point.

But is it too much? Are we taking it too far when catchers can no longer block home plate? Or to relate to other sports; are we taking it too far when we’re using instant replay to see if the ball’s moving before a wide receiver takes his two steps to complete a catch?

Speaking for myself, I’m in favor of instant replay in baseball (and across sports). I say that I’m a purist, but that’s one area that I do feel it’s worth using modern innovations. But all things in moderation. When taken to an extreme, all things can be corrupted.

Home run calls, out/safe, fair/foul, etc, should be able to be questioned by instant replay in baseball. But when we get into the nitty-gritty of transferring the ball on a double-play, catchers blocking the plate, that’s a bit much. In an era where people want games to be quicker, these aspects delay things.

And again, the same is true across sports. Reviewing pass interference in the NFL? Are you serious?! I’m the first one to tell you that pass interference is often botched, and botched horribly, in that sport. Ask the New Orleans Saints! But to suggest that the pace of the game should slow down to review something like that is insane.

We’re getting to the point to where lawyers are going to have to get involved in games. Is that really what we want? I say no.

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