Baltimore Orioles: What’s the Birds’ biggest need?

The Baltimore Orioles have many needs going into the 2020 season. However what stands out as their single biggest need? Is there even one thing that does stand out as the single biggest need?

Given the trade of Jonathan Villar, suddenly the O’s have a middle infield gap. There’s been talk of trying Ryan Mountcastle at second base, and you could see that in spring training. But is that the biggest necessity?

I would say no. In my personal view, it remains pitching. The Orioles as a staff gave up far too many home runs in 2019. And in fact, that was a trend that continued from the past. Part of that is the fact that they play at Camden Yards, and another part of it is due to the youth on the staff.

However yet another element is that Oriole pitchers pitch-to-contact. This as opposed to trying to strike guys out. In doing that, you’re begging them to put the ball in play. And home runs will happen. If you pitch to strike guys out instead, odds are you aren’t surrendering so many homers.

Easier said than done, I might add. And obviously if you miss your spot the ball can still end up traveling a long way. But this is something that the O’s should consider as they go into spring training in February.


  1. Mean Gene says:

    The O’s need new players, new fans, a new city, and new front office. That is my opinion. What’s yours?


    1. My opinion is that you’re a clueless twit who knows nothing about anything of which he says. You’re probably a blowhard who simply likes the sound of his own voice, and somehow thinks this column is the place to do it. So here’s my advice to you – QUIT commenting. Nobody cares about what you or any of your other worthless persona’s have to say.


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