Baltimore Orioles: Spring training and the rotation

If you were following closely with what was being said at last week’s winter meetings, it would appear that the Baltimore Orioles are expecting to have an open competition for the starting rotation in Sarasota next year. In saying that, I really mean in two months’ time. The first spring game is February 22nd.

If you were paying attention, you heard manager Brandon Hyde say that the Orioles were expecting to have up to eight candidates vying for starting jobs. And I’ll be honest, that’s more than I thought it would be. I was expecting Dylan Bundy to be a starter for this team in 2020. I’m not suggesting that moving him was a mistake, but until a couple of weeks ago I was assuming he’d be on the roster.

Alex Cobb and John Means are the two names on the active roster who jump out at you in terms of being starters going into spring training. There might be some guys currently on the roster such as a David Hess or Asher Wojciechowski who could work their way into being a starter. And I suspect that’s what the Orioles are hoping occurs. There are also various free agent pitchers out there who would presumably jettison to a starter role.

However as I said, it looks like the O’s are going to be having somewhat of an open competition in camp. That’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, it’s just what they appear to be doing. Don’t be surprised if as we get closer to spring training games beginning we don’t see them sign a veteran starter. But for now, there could be up to three slots that are up for grabs.

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