Baltimore Orioles hosting first ever Winter Warm-up

One of the big changes in terms of how the current Baltimore Orioles’ management is doing things is that Orioles’ FanFest is no more. FanFest was a treasured event, but for whatever reason Mike Elias and company feel that the team’s efforts in terms of PR and winter marketing are best served elsewhere.

And today we’ll see those labors come to pass, as the Orioles will be hosting their first “annual” Winter Warm-Up at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The event lasts from 11 AM – 2 PM, and will be held on Eutaw St. Rain or shine, apparently – yes, you read that right. Today’s forecast looks foreboding, however the event itself does look fairly well put together.

Parking is free in Lot A, and admission is $5 – or free for Birdland Members. (Non-Birdland Members can gain free admission with the donation of a coat.) Fans will have the opportunity to speak with GM Mike Elias, as well as with coaches. Complimentary coffee and hot chocolate will be served, Holiday music will be played, fans will be able to take a picture with “Santa Bird,” all among other things. All merchandise in the Orioles Team Store will also be discounted to 50% of listed value.

Unfortunately with the weather forecast being what it is, this event will probably be poorly attended. That means it won’t be a fair barometer of how popular the event could actually be in general. FanFest was a time-honored tradition in Baltimore. I do think however that this event will be a decent replacement. My hope is that Orioles fans turn out. See you at the yard!

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