Baltimore Orioles head to the winter meetings

GM Mike Elias and his team have arrived in San Diego for the MLB Winter Meetings this week. The Orioles aren’t expected to make many waves, but the fact is you never know. This will be Elias’ second Winter Meetings with the Orioles, although last year he had just been hired a couple of weeks prior.

However manager Brandon Hyde will be in his first Winter Meetings as manager of the Orioles. Actually, it’ll be his first Winter Meetings as a manager overall. This shows of course that the O’s are a young team and have a lot of promise moving into the future. Everyone’s young and/or new.

Again, I wouldn’t expect the O’s to be overly active this week. However the one moment to watch is Thursday morning (probably closer to afternoon here on the east coast) when the final piece of business is conducted during these Winter Meetings. That’s when the Rule V draft will take place. Traditionally the Birds are active in that, which is well-documented.

Perhaps might there be a middle infielder on their radar who could plug the hole left by Villar? Anything’s possible. More as we hear it.


  1. Mean Gene says:

    What are you talking about? The O’s have no promise moving into the future.


    1. Eugene, might I kindly recommend that you pen your own column given that you react so tersely to this one? I can only ban so many of your IP addresses. Oh wait, you probably aren’t intelligent enough to pen your own column. Ha!


  2. kenny watts says:

    I agree with mean jean your writing is terrible and your knowledge of baseball is terrible


    1. Then read elsewhere. Only a tool would continue commenting and reading a column for which he doesn’t care.


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