Baltimore Orioles: Why Jonathan Villar was traded

There were a wide range of reactions from Baltimore Orioles’ fans regarding the trading of Jonathan Villar. Many are questioning why he was traded. Many are saying that the Angelos’ don’t want to pay him, all among other things.

And the fact is that the Angelos’, by way of GM Mike Elias, don’t want to pay in fact. If he isn’t going to help them win a World Series, he’s taking up a roster spot. So they got something in return for him, a player who wasn’t going to be here anyways when the Orioles were ready to contend again.

First and foremost, Elias was a part of this exact same process in Houston. And look where they’ve ended up. So I think you just have to keep trusting the process, no matter how much a move might raise your eyebrows. Maybe something doesn’t make sense at the moment. But it might in the future.

As an example, look down the road a couple of years. The Orioles are going to find themselves in a position whereby they’ll need to pony up to keep Trey Mancini. What would you say if I told you the money they’re saving on paying Villar was going directly towards that goal? I’m not saying that it is, but…as yourself, is Mancini not more valuable to the organization than Villar?

That isn’t to say that Villar didn’t represent any value to the organization. He most certainly did. But some players become more valuable on the trade market to a team than they are on the field. The move frees up salary for the Orioles, and it allows them to reallocate resources to players who are more going to be bedrocks for the future.

Ultimately, as I said, trust the process.

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