Baltimore Orioles: Contract tender day

The Baltimore Orioles and the rest of MLB have arrived at Tender Day. What that means is that teams have until 8 PM Eastern Time this evening to tender contracts to arbitration-eligible players. Those who can’t come to an agreement will have arbitration scheduled, which is generally during or just before Spring Training.

The other option of course is to non-tender a player and to let him become a free agent. That’s precisely what the O’s did last week with Jonathan Villar, who appears destined for free agency. But that’s last week’s news.

Arbitration is one of the more ridiculous things in which players and teams engage. The player is of course arguing that he should be paid more based on his production, and the team is arguing against that. In effect it’s devaluing your own players. Why do that?

Incidentally, just because parties can’t come to an agreement today doesn’t mean that they’re slated for arbitration. A date with an arbitrator will go on the calendar, however teams can and often do reach deals with players before the date arrives. It’s just one of those procedural things front offices have to do.

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