Baltimore Orioles: Dylan Bundy on the trade block?

It’s been reported that the Baltimore Orioles are interested into trading starting pitcher Dylan Bundy. While a deal hasn’t been done as of yet, multiple reports are that one could be “close.” It’s unclear how close or what that means. But “close” is the term being used.

I suppose it matters what the O’s could potentially get in return. While he’s had some injury issues, Bundy’s also an established major league starter. Point here being that if I were the Orioles I would hope to get back more than just a couple of low level prospects.

Obviously you wouldn’t expect to get someone’s top prospect either. But someone who could help the organization right away would be nice. And in fact I would submit that it would be somewhat of a mandate.

The issue then also becomes what do the Orioles do for pitching? I would submit that the O’s would be ill-advised to go into spring training looking to fill more than one starting pitching slot. I think you can get away with having one open slot that someone in theory would have to earn, but more than that makes things tough. More as we hear it.

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