Baltimore Orioles: Should the Birds keep Jonathan Villar?

As we know, Jonathan Villar has been placed on waivers by the Baltimore Orioles. The Birds had been trying to trade Villar, however have been unable to find a trade partner. Again, we know that Villar is an asset and that he had a decent season for the O’s last year. However I’m a bit surprised that there were no trade partners – it’s unclear if that was due to lack of interest or the O’s asking too much.

Is Villar better suited on the Orioles right now or not? Obviously you’d like to get someone back for him if in fact they aren’t going to keep him. But…again, is it better for him to stay or go. In general, I’d say they should keep him. But…should they?

I don’t believe that Villar is going to be a part of the solution when the team finally contends again. That’s why I say that it’s better for him not to be here. Some might say that it’s not worth cutting him loose unless they get something in return. However is there a benefit to the Orioles with him not being here?

And the answer to that is YES. They need to figure out what the long-term solution is going to be at second base. Not having Villar being a part of a log jam at that position means that they can try new guys at second base. And finding the second baseman of the long-term future should be the goal (at that position). And that appears to be where the Orioles are headed.

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