Baltimore Orioles announce first annual Winter Warm-up

Baltimore Orioles fans and media found out yesterday what was going to replace Orioles’ FanFest. The O’s will be hosting the first “annual” Orioles’ Winter Warm-Up on December 14th on Eutaw St at Camden Yards. Birdland Members (season ticket holders) will get free admission, with non-members getting in for $5 or for free with a coat donation.

Orioles’ executives will be on hand to chat with fans, complimentary hot chocolate and coffee will be handed out, and Orioles’ gift shops will be open on Eutaw St. The Orioles will also provide live holiday music, photos with “Santa Bird,” among other amenities. Food trucks will also be on hand for food purchases. All merchandise at the Orioles’ team store will also be 50% off during the Winter Warm-Up. The event lasts from 11 AM – 2 PM.

Many folks are still understandably upset that FanFest is no more. It was a treasured Baltimore tradition that meant a lot to a lot of people. However I’m not going to lie – I like this concept. Granted it’s going to be outside in the elements, but I think that’s probably part of the charm of it. And keep in mind what I said above about the 50% discount in the team store. Christmas is coming, folks!

At the end of the day, this is simply a new regime trying something new. And you can’t fault them for that. I’m sure that fans will miss FanFest, but this sounds like a wonderful event that’s probably worth attending. Parking will also be free in Parking Lot A.


  1. Anthony Riolo says:

    Sounds great and lots of fun but the O’s still suck!!!! Lol


    1. It’s not about how good or bad the team is, it’s about community involvement and fan entertainment. Thanks for reading!


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