Baltimore Orioles: What was the highlight of 2019?

Baltimore Orioles’ fans knew that the season was going to be void of too many highlights going in. And sure enough, the prognosticators were right. At times the O’s struggled to stay out of elongated losing streaks, much less make highlights to remember. But again, we knew that going in.

But out of the few that we did see, is there one that stands above the rest? Is there one that we can tap as the highlight of the season? That’s a very relative question, the answer to which is certainly up for debate.

However if I had to pick one, it would be Rio Ruiz hitting the walk off home run against the eventual American League Champion Houston Astros on August 11th. It was an emotionally draining game, that saw the O’s chase Houston starter Verlander earlier than Houston would have liked. It was a game in which the Birds had the lead in the ninth, and then lost it in the ninth.

This after the Birds had surrendered 23 runs the night before. Fans at Camden Yards appeared ready to go home after yet another loss, and this one in dramatic fashion. But it wasn’t to be – for Houston, that is. Ruiz came to bat with two on and the O’s trailing by two in the last of the ninth…

…and he smacked a 2-2 changeup onto the flag court in right field. GAME. OVER.

To me, it’s the sum of the parts which makes that the highlight of the season. The 23 runs the night before, losing the lead late in the game that day, and then – redemption! I’m open to other suggestions, but in my opinion that was the highlight of the season.

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