Baltimore Orioles: Brian Roberts up for the hall

Former Baltimore Orioles’ second baseman Brian Roberts is on the ballot as a finalist for the 2020 Hall of Fame class. Roberts hit a career .278, stole 285 bases, and played for the Orioles for 13 years. And that doesn’t even touch on the utterly sick defense that he played at second base. Roberts is now an analyst for the Orioles on MASN and on 105.7 “the fan.” It’s his first time on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Results of the vote will be announced in January. I’ll be honest; I’m not sure that Roberts makes the cut. Mind you, this doesn’t mean he wasn’t a GREAT Oriole and a GREAT player throughout his career. He was a bright spot during some incredibly dark years in Birdland. However I’m not 100% sure that he’s a Hall of Famer.

Understand, this isn’t taking anything away from Brian Roberts. Nobody – and I mean NOBODY – honors the past or does nostalgia like the Orioles. NOBODY. Roberts will always be fondly remembered by Orioles fans. But whether he’s immortal and belongs in Cooperstown remains to be seen.

Personally I’m rooting for BRob to get in. And if he doesn’t get in this time around, he’ll be on the ballot for another nine years. I’m just not sure he makes the cut. But again, I’m rooting for him. As I hope all Orioles fans are.

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