Baltimore Orioles: Death penalty for Houston?

I try to write a column about the Baltimore Orioles that’s worthy of journalistic integrity. Thus I’m not a fan of the style of “reporting” done by organizations such as Barstool Sports. I feel it’s too in your face for my tastes. Readers don’t want edgy content when it comes to sports – they want informative content that merits a valid point.

However I did read this article on Barstool last week, and I have to say it’s fairly compelling. The author cites reporters who are saying that the penalty for the Houston Astros as a result of the sign-stealing scandal could be swift and sure. As in what Barstool is calling the “death penalty.”

That would in effect be stripping them of the 2017 World Series title. Now that would be a step, wouldn’t it?! There’s no precedent in baseball for that, and so far as I know it would be a first. But is it warranted?

I say that it is. The league needs to send a message that this type of thing WILL NOT under any circumstances be tolerated. Not only that, but it sends the message that this is what happens to people who cheat. Skirt the rules at your own risk.

And let’s take it a step further. The NCAA will ban programs from television and/or post season play if they pull stunts like this. It wouldn’t be feasible to ban a baseball team from post season play, as you have to qualify in accordance with the standings. However you could very easily ban them from television. In essence, whatever local television deal Houston has set up will be null and void for one year. Save for opposing team broadcasts, you won’t be allowed to see them on television.

Some will say that punishes the fans. And there’s no question about that; however losing television rights for an entire season takes a lot of money out of the franchise’s pockets. And again, it sends a message to the rest of the league.

Whether any of this happens remains to be seen. But time will tell.

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