Baltimore Orioles: We go beyond the end of the line!

Today’s the day after for the Baltimore Orioles. The team returned to Baltimore last night after the season finale in Boston, and today guys will report to Camden Yards to clean out their lockers for the winter. While 2019 is over and done, it’ll be a busy day at the yard. And always with an eye on the future.

Rumor has it that manager Brandon Hyde met with each player over the course of the final two or three weeks or so. Each player’s future was discussed, and Hyde went over what each player had done well this year – and how each player is expected to improve going into spring training. And the point was driven home that the expectation was that said improvements and adjustments were expected to have been begun going into spring training. They weren’t to begin in spring training, but they were to have been worked on throughout the off season.

So it’ll be interesting how things look once we get to spring games next year. And we will get there – if you can believe that, here on the first full day of the off season. Time will in fact pass!

In the mean time however, the season never really ends here at Birdland Crush. We’ll have daily coverage of any Orioles’ news, including opinions and analysis. In the immediate future, I always take a couple of days to “digest” the season in it’s entirety. But sometime towards the end of this week I’ll provide a season recap. We’ll also look at the MLB playoffs as they go along, perhaps chronicling the progress of former Orioles, or players with ties to the Orioles.

Off seasons tend to drag on in baseball; they can be trying. But before we know it, Orioles’ FanFest will be upon us, and pitchers and catchers report two weeks after the Super Bowl. And then we begin anew. But in the interim, it never stops here at Birdland Crush!

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