Baltimore Orioles: Season’s success is on the line

The Baltimore Orioles open a four-game set with Texas this evening at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. To be blunt, the series is meaningless in terms of this season. Or is it?

The O’s currently stand at 46 wins on the season. Last year they won 47 games; and incidentally, win 47 came on the last day of the season. But I digress. This is about this year.

In my season preview back in March I said that if the Orioles can improve year-over-year 2019 will be a muted success. They stand on the doorstep of equaling last year’s mark. That will come with their next victory, which could be tonight for all we know.

I think it’s obvious that the O’s will reach that plateau at some point. They would have to lose the rest of their games to NOT equal last year’s mark, and in order to simply tie the mark they’d have to win one more game and that’s it. I think you’d have to try to do that, so it’s going to happen – even if by default.

Some of you are reading this saying to yourself, how could he declare this particular season a success? It’s a fair question. But when you’ve admitted since day one that the season was going to be a tough one, you have to set the bar low. Beating last year’s record was always about as high of a bar as this team was going to have. Even if only incremental improvement, they’ll have shown improvement…if they get there. Which they will

The series with Texas opens this evening at Camden Yards. The Orioles haven’t yet announced a starter, but whomever he is he’ll be opposed by Texas’ Kolby Allard. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.


  1. Vince Neil says:

    Neither last year nor this year can be considered a success at all. Just because you may end up with a few more wins this year over last year makes not difference. The team sucked both years. To consider it a successful year you would have needed to make a major improvement which isn’t gonna happen this year. That’s the facts Domenic, to think any different means ur a dumb dumb.


    1. Here’s the thing, Vinny…if I were a dumb-dumb I wouldn’t be writing this column. The fact that a simpleton of your caliber took the time to read this column means I’ve done my job.

      The goal of this season was never to be competitive. Sure you want to win as many games as possible, but it was always understood that the number of wins was going to be few. So with that as a given that was set in stone before the season, a REASONABLE expectation was to win more games than they did last year. End of the day while it hasn’t happened yet, they’ll end up doing that. But don’t let REAL FACTS get in the way of whatever ridiculous angle you’re taking. Good day.


  2. Vince Neil says:

    You are dumb if you really think that the season would be a success if you just won a couple more games than last year. And just to let you know a friend told me to read this article to get a good laugh. Never heard of your blog before mister big shot. If these are the views and trash you post regularly I now know why my friend told me to read it.


    1. You have two options; to either read, or not to read. There’s no in between. Black or white. No grey. You opted to read. And I’m now opting to ban you so as to not drag down the collective IQ of this column. Thank you.

      -His Excellency, Mr. Big Shot


  3. Bret Michaels says:

    I agree with Vince. You don’t even address his opinion about the season not being a success. All you do is attack him for no reason. That’s kinda rude I would say.


    1. Nothing I do or say has no reason, Chief. Don’t forget that.


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