Baltimore Orioles stand pat at the deadline

The Baltimore Orioles in essence made no moves yesterday at the 4:00 PM EST trading deadline. They sent pitcher Dan Straily to the Philadelphia Phillies for cash considerations. That’s considered a minor league move, so again nothing major. As I alluded, the Orioles pretty much stood pat.

There were multiple deals on the table involving multiple players, however the Birds neglected to take any of them. Which tells you that the return package wasn’t sufficient for Elias and company. Even teams in the Orioles’ situation aren’t going to just give players away. That isn’t how it works.

In the wake of their successful road trip, the O’s will tonight open up a four-game set at Camden Yards against Toronto. The Birds are yet to announce a starter, whereas Toronto will start Trent Thornton. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.


  1. Troy Dinkleman says:

    Do you think that was a good idea not to make any trades?


    1. It would have been a bad idea to have made a trade and not gotten fair value in return. They didn’t get the value that they wanted for their players so they stood pat. That was probably smart as opposed to taking a bad deal. Thanks for reading!


  2. Daniel LaRusso says:

    I’m gonna have to disagree. In my opinion any new blood on the team would be better then who they have now. 2 years in a row in last place in the entire MLB is really getting on my nerves. I’m starting to agree with Trump about the city in general. Something needs to happen ASAP to bring the spirits of us B Boys back from the grave.


    1. First off this isn’t the place to sound off on what the President said. Tweet at me (@DomenicVadala) if you want my view. But this isn’t about politics.

      You don’t want just any young blood. You want the right young blood. In the last month the team’s also started to mesh just a bit. You have to look at that as well. But getting just any young guy isn’t going to cut it. You want people who will compete for jobs. Incidentally, check your facts. They aren’t in last place in the entire MLB.


    2. Interesting that you and Troy Dinkleman have the same IP address. Just saying…


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