Baltimore Orioles: Any trades involving the Birds?

With the MLB trade deadline this week, the question appears to be whether the Baltimore Orioles will make a move. Reliever Mychal Givens appears to be the biggest trade chip the Orioles currently have. According to numerous sources multiple teams have expressed interest.

The Orioles are willing to move Givens. Heck, I think with a few exceptions they’d move anyone. However they’re not going to give the guy away. So it really boils down to what kind of compensation they’re going to get in return.

One might ask why the Orioles would think they could get for a reliever. And I think that the answer to that is a decent return. While Givens may not net them what they got for relievers last year, keep in mind why a team would be looking to trade for Givens: for the postseason.

Bullpens have turned into an integral part of the game across the board. Heck, you can’t even finish a spring training game if you don’t have bullpen relievers. Much less in the regular season. But the bullpen is much more important in the post season, as starters and all pitchers are on a tighter leash.

Many managers will lift their starters in the third or fourth inning if they aren’t working out. Then it falls to the bullpen. Givens would also be a set up man on a contending team. And that’s tough to find.

So the O’s might well get a couple of prospects for a reliever like Givens. What they do with those prospects remains to be seen.

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