Baltimore Orioles: Do players simply go through the motions?

The Baltimore Orioles were never going to compete for a division title this year. This much we know. However a lot of fans are grousing across the board for how the O’s are losing games. Big innings, countless errors, etc. So…what gives?

People have asked me if it’s possible that players are in effect mailing it in. Meaning that they’re just going through the motions of the games to collect a paycheck. My answer to that is an emphatic NO.

Professional athletes simply don’t do that. Win or lose, these guys take a lot of pride in their crafts. They also know that if they don’t perform, they’ll eventually be sent back to the minors or DFA’d. Now they’ll still get their contracted salary either way. But what happens after the contract has expired?

Guys don’t just mail it in, because like anyone else they need to feed their families. They need to ensure that there’s bread on the table. They also recognize that this isn’t a Monday-Friday, 9-5 job. They’re blessed to do what they do. And they aren’t going to do anything to put their careers in peril.

More realistically, I would argue that guys are pushing too hard. They have in their minds that they don’t want to make an error, but that all but causes a mistake. If you push hard enough that’ll happen. But no folks, the players aren’t collecting a paycheck. That’s about as harsh of a thing to say about an athlete as is out there.

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