Baltimore Orioles: Draft day

Today is the biggest day for the Baltimore Orioles’ future in some time. The Orioles of course will have the top pick in the draft, which is this evening. The only other time that happened was 1989, and the O’s selected pitcher Ben McDonald. Whomever GM Mike Elias drafts with that top pick this evening will play a major role in the franchise’s future moving forward.

However the difference between this year and 1989 is the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a consensus top draft pick. McDonald was always going to be the number one pick in 1989 – it was just a matter of who was going to get the top pick to select him. There is talent in this year’s draft, it’s just a matter of whom the Orioles wish to stake their future. No pressure there, for whomever that pick ends up being.

A name that’s been thrown around a lot in the past few weeks is Oregon State catcher Adley Rutchsman. Many scouts are deeming him the top pick, however he’s not the only guy on the Orioles’ radar. High School (Texas) shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. is also a potential draft choice, as is Georgia High School shortstop/CFer C.J. Abrams.

Whomever the selection is (and for all I know it may be someone other than who I mentioned above), both he and the Orioles’ brass will be heavily scrutinized. However again keep in mind that there’s no apparent slam dunk player who’s understood to be the top selection this year. It could be anyone. It’ll certainly be interesting to see in which direction the Orioles go.

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