Baltimore Orioles: Spring Training 2018 is big for fans also

I’ve spent a lot of time saying how important this year’s spring training would be for the Baltimore Orioles. The organization is building from the ground up, not with a new manager and a new GM. It all goes without saying.

But it’s also a key time for fans. Can anyone really name this team’s lineup? Probably not – I know I can’t. That’s something that will work itself out in this year’s spring training. And that’s why fans should really pay extra attention.

This is going to be your team – good or bad. Like them or not. So it behooves fans to watch whenever they can. At some point in the near future, we’ll find out which games MASN will carry during the spring. I would highly recommend that folks make a point of tuning in whenever they can, or following however they are able. Get emotionally invested in these guys. They’re the future. And they’re the Orioles of today.

The Orioles will host their annual Spring Fest at Ed Smith Stadium on February 16th from 9 AM – 1 PM. The event is modeled somewhat after FanFest, but is designed to celebrate the start of spring training. This is just another way that the Orioles imbed themselves in the Sarasota community all year around.

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