Baltimore Orioles: Super Sunday

The Baltimore Orioles are roughly a week-and-a-half away from pitchers and catchers reporting. However that and everything else in the sports world takes a back seat today. It’s Super Sunday!

Baltimore of course has a rich history in the Super Bowl, with the Colts playing in two and winning one, and the Ravens winning in both of their appearances in the big game. It’s also worth mentioning that the CFL Baltimore Stallions won the Grey Cup, which is Canada’s version of the Super Bowl. And of course no discussion of Baltimore’s pro football championship ties is complete without mentioning the great Johnny Unitas and the 1958 NFL Title Game – the greatest game ever played.

Ironically, there is an old school tie to Baltimore football in today’s Super Bowl game. The original owner of the Baltimore Colts was Carroll Rosenbloom. In 1972 he executed a tax-free swap of franchises (basically a straight up trade) with Robert Irsay, then the owner of the Los Angeles Rams. That second name of course is one that still makes hair on the backs of necks stand up across town – not limited to my Dad, who was a HUGE Colts fan as a kid.

Obviously the direction of both franchises since then is well-documented. Having said that, Rosenbloom died in 1979, and his widow, Georgia Frontiere, inherited the team. Ironically Rosenbloom had redrawn his will so that his son Stephen would get it, however he died before that will could be executed. However the Rams have since been sold and are no longer in the Carroll Rosenbloom family.

Of course the Rams since then moved St. Louis, and now they’re back in Los Angeles. But that’s Baltimore’s slight connection to today’s game. For what it’s worth, it’ll be a very close game. Personally I’m rooting for Los Angeles. But it’s tough to pick against Tom Brady.

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