Baltimore Orioles’ Fanfest is today

Today Birdland unofficially opens for business in 2019, as the Baltimore Orioles will hold their annual FanFest. The event, as always, will be at the Baltimore Convention Center- right across from Camden Yards. Admission is $12.

I always tell people that FanFest is eveything you love about Orioles games, except the baseball game itself. There are autograph signings, free giveaways, media panels, and other things. FanFest is a beloved event in Birdland, and while there’s a long way to go it always reminds folks that the season is drawing near.

So that’s it for today. Will there be a surprise signing that’ll break news literally as the team entertains it’s fans for the first time in 2019? Could you, you never know. Only way way to find out!

On an unrelated note, former Oriole Mike Mussina won’t wear a hat in his MLB Hall of Fame is induction. Probably the best all-around decision that could have been made.

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