Baltimore Orioles: Mike Mussina gets the call from the hall

Former Baltimore Orioles’ pitcher Mike Mussina has gotten the call. In other words, he’s going to the hall of fame. Mussina will be enshrined in Cooperstown as a member of MLB’s best team in July.

It’s been a long time coming for the former Oriole pitcher, who of course famously defected to New York following the 2000 season. Rumor has always been that New York offered approximately half a million more than the Orioles – but he got the number he wanted and didn’t turn back. There was semi-bad blood for awhile, especially as Mussina was never fondly received at Camden Yards in pinstripes. But in recent years he’s been seen at Orioles games here and there. And I think that Orioles fans have forgiven and forgotten as well.

Mussina was drafted in 1987 by the Orioles, and made his debut in 1991. Over ten years with the Birds, he won 147 games and had a win percentage of .645. He also pitched to an ERA of 3.53 over those ten years. For the record, those numbers are all better than the numbers he accumulated in his eight years in the Bronx.

For his entire career, Mussina won 270 games with a win percentage of .638. Not to mention an ERA of 3.68. As I said, Mussina’s Orioles numbers were better than his New York numbers. He also pitched for the Orioles for two seasons longer. Far be it from me to suggest which hat Mussina wears into the hall, but…them’s the facts!


  1. Bernie Williams says:

    The Yankees are baseball’s most respected team. No way they put him in wearing an Oreos hat. It would disrespect the good years he had in ny.


    1. You might do well to understand that the league and the HOF committee aren’t here to placate the fragile ego’s of one team or fan base. Odds are Mussina doesn’t wear any cap in the hall, similar to Greg Maddux. But if they decide to pick one, based on the fact that he has better numbers with the Orioles, he played longer for the Orioles, and his five ASG appearances were as an Oriole, it would seem to me that it should be the Orioles.


      1. Bernie Williams says:

        We have more fans than the oreos. Have to keep customers happy.


        1. Yeah that isn’t how it works. For that matter maybe Jim Thome should have been an Oriole in the hall.


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