Baltimore Orioles: Interleague play, 2019

The Baltimore Orioles don’t start interleague play until the end of May this year. That’s when the San Francisco Giants come to town, for a weekend series. The American League East plays the National League West this year.

And as a result this might be one of the more fun years in terms of interleague games, because we’ll see matchups that we don’t see often. A month or so after that SF series, the Orioles will entertain San Diego for two games. However on the flip side, it also means more travel.

Towards the end of July the Birds will make a supplemental visit out west to drop in on NL West teams. The road trip will take them through Phoenix, Los Angeles (actually an AL series, against the Angels), and San Diego. So as a result, the Birds also get a visit from the zoos Angeles Dodgers in September.

Incidentally, the Orioles will get a visit from the Washington Nationals in July, and they’ll head down the pike to D.C. in August. Both series’ are in the middle of the week – not ideal for fans on either side. I was always a proponent of how they originally did these series’, three games in each park – and over a weekend. From the perspective of the fans, that was the best way to do it.

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