Baltimore Orioles: The case against Manny Machado

Baltimore Orioles fans are well-versed in Manny Machado. Both good and bad. The good is obvious. The bad has to do with attitudinal issues, such as Machado’s comment while he was with Los Angeles about “not being Johnny Hustle.” The fact that comments as such didn’t occur more often while he was in Baltimore is quite frankly a testament to Buck Showalter and his management style.

However quite frankly, the Orioles would be stupid to consider bringing Machado back – UNLESS it were on a 1-2 year contract, enabling them to trade him at the deadline one year. Or after the season. But odds are Machado isn’t looking for a deal like that. He’s looking for a long-term deal, and odds are he’ll get it.

But why would the Orioles be stupid to bring back a player like Machado? The answer is because that would run contrary to the current plan. The Orioles are building a team from the bottom up. If you start bringing in high-priced free agents, you’re moving away from that pathway.

As I’ve said previously, Machado is a piece you bring in if you’re one guy away from winning a title. The Orioles need to trust the process and stay the course. And I suspect that’s what they’ll do.

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