Baltimore Orioles: Is Manny Machado’s choice down to three?

I hope that Baltimore Orioles fans are following the Manny Machado saga. The former Orioles’ third baseman and shortstop visited New York (Yankees) on Wednesday, and Philadelphia yesterday. Rumors are that the Chicago White Sox are also in the mix.

Obviously if you’re an Orioles fan, you’re hoping that he lands in Philadelphia. To his credit, he stopped on the street there and took a selfie with a construction worker. Already endearing himself to the fan base?!

Conventional wisdom however says that he plays in Yankee pinstripes. Once New York gets involved, it’s usually a done deal. But time will tell.

It’s also interesting that the ChiSox appear to be involved. In New York or even Philly, Machado would be seem as sealing the deal from the perspective of winning a title. I suspect that if he were to sign with the ChiSox, that franchise would still be several years away. For their sake, you have to hope that they aren’t allowing themselves to be played.

But the good news is that there’s nary a rumor of the Orioles being involved. Why is that a good thing? Because signing (or re-signing) a player like Machado would derail the rebuilding process. The Orioles are hoping to re-grow players to replace him. Not spend unnecessary money to get him back.

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