Baltimore Orioles reported have their man in Brandon Hyde

The Baltimore Orioles have unofficially found their new manager. Joel Sherman of the NY Post reported last night that GM Mike Elias was going to hire Chicago Cubs’ bench coach Brandon Hyde as their next manager. Multiple outlets have reported the new, however there’s one glaring exception: the Orioles.

The Orioles normally operate in secrecy, and this new regime appears to be no exception. That frustrates a lot of people, and it has for some time. However I see no issue with that, as first off things are going to eventually leak anyways (this being a prime example). However as Elias himself admitted last night, these are very sensitive situations – we’re talking about someone’s employment. While things will leak at some point, the franchise needs to treat these situations with the appropriate sensitivity.

While Elias was denying the rumors to the Baltimore media, the news apparently flashed across the television which happened to be on in his hotel suite. Which really is the Orioles’ luck in a way; they’re trying to treat the situation appropriately, but instead they end up with a pay no attention to that man behind the curtain type of moment.

Nevertheless, Hyde is 45 years old, and managed for six seasons in the Marlins’ organization. He had also served as the first base coach, and the Director of Player Personnel in Chicago. Similar to the Elias hiring, if you’re going to poach talent you might as well get it from winning organizations. Hyde undoubtedly knows the task he’s going to have here in Baltimore. He also has to know that there’ll be a lot of frustrating nights and days in the Orioles’ dugout. However the Orioles saw something in him that they liked, and they think he’s the guy to lead the next era of Orioles’ baseball on the field.

And frankly it’s tough for a guy who’s never managed at this level before to find himself in a situation much better than the Orioles’ situation. Usually you’re chosen to lead a losing team – hopefully out of the doldrums. Elias of course said that the rumors are premature, which is probably accurate. This is a learning experience as well for him, as he’s now had to see how news can leak out. But he said that there won’t be an announcement during the winter meetings. I would expect that next week in Baltimore.

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